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Who we are

LocalBeavers is a woodworking design studio based in Ukraine. We work with wood, paper, glass and much more. We do everything from creating, cutting and fabricating beautiful, perfect laser cut items, through to handcrafted items made from wood, glass and electricity!

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Beaver Team


Small vintage table lamp, wedding card holder, buy a small wedding table card black and white,

Hannah is the people side of the team, having been a teacher for several years, amongst other things!

She loves helping people and making customers happy, and has a real afffinity with problem-solving.


The Mollster is always employee of the month. She's a super-smart Golden Labrador with attitude!

She loves snuffling out and eating windfall cherries, stone and all; and loves to swim every chance she gets!


George is chief maker, having over 15 years in the creative departments of the Film, TV and Theatre industry. 

He is more used to dealing with temperamental actors and 415 volts than 230, but loves anything creative!

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..make high quality home design products

Wether it's the table lamp that's a talking point at every gathering, the shelving unit that adds a modern twist to a classic room or just the random piece of art that 'sits' exactly right; we have it and we can get it to you fast, reliably and with minimum fuss.

..undertake custom and personalised orders

George loves a challenge and is more than happy to work with you to design something that is perfect, either size or item-wise, for you and/or your home! We can work with wood, electronics (LED or generic lamps, switching and intelligent home devices) and a selection of metalwork. Have an idea for a piece? Get in touch today to let us make it a reality!

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