Unique home decor: add a bit of personality to bare walls!

It's not only the house 's four walls. Home is built on love among family members, your day-to-day struggles and quarrels, the laughter you share, and the memories you make within these four walls. In that sense, the love between those who live in a house should reflect in your home. So keep your home decor unique rather than concentrating on making your home look like the millions of homes in magazines or on Instagram. Add warmth to your home decor with custom home decor items, personalized gifts, useful rustic racks, and handcrafted wood pieces. 

Display personalized vinyl record stand, wood handcrafted wall candle sconces, rustic spice racks, custom night lights, and more. Celebrate togetherness with these personalized home decor ideas.

By personalizing your decoration, you can enjoy your design even more and save a bunch of hard-earned dollars on your way. If you want a home that reflects what you are and not just the trend, consider these ideas.

  1. Start with questioning yourself

We rarely (if ever) take time to consider what makes us really tick. Most of us are not connected with what inspires us, makes us feel peaceful and happy every day. What makes us feel happy and quiet.

Start by asking yourself a few simple questions when creating a personalized space.

- What is something in life I value and enjoy the most?

- What makes me feel joyful, playful, and inspired?

- What makes me feel most relaxed and at ease?

Don't hide your hobby and attributes related to it, although it might not be traditional home decor. For example, it makes the room fun and functional by including simple handcrafted wooden racks with any hobby-related equipment. 

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  1. Your space should have a vision

Creating a vision board is a great way to explore design themes in a tangible way, once you have some inspiration. Include images, objects, or anything that makes you feel good when you build a vision board.

You can either create a digital inspiration set or go old-school with a pinboard and some pictures and page clippings.

Once you have your vision, it might be the right time to find those unique parts that represent the things you love.

But don’t feel the pressure to transform your home overnight. Starting with a single piece that inspires you (like a piece of art) or adding small or inexpensive items from month to month will give some design love to your space over time while taking it easy on your wallet.

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  1. Add some natural vibes

By adding things that bring positive energy into your room, you can feel better when you're in it. It is like building your own world, eco-system of positive vibes.

One of my favorite ways of instilling lively energy in any room is the plant life of any sort. Foliage and flowers create visible vibrance, adding color and texture to even the blandest spaces.

If we spend time in nature, most of us feel content and comfortable, so introducing plants for us at home is a perfect way to catch a little of that eco-boost. If you are in the kitchen with a few tiny herbs on the windowsill or a large banana plant in your living room, adding something natural will never fail to enliven your home.

Besides, crystals — of all kinds — add nature, and beautiful touches to a home. Such amazing rock formations come from deep within the earth, and you'll never find two alike.

Crystals are a beautiful and natural element to maximize your enjoyment, whether used as elegant design pieces or used for relaxing vibes.

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  1. Meaningful items as decor

It's an easy way to design your living space using things that have meaning to you. Perhaps on your trip to Thailand you bought a Buddha statue or have a funky piece of pottery that your mom made at school. You might have some amazing books that you'd like to display, or the beautiful quilt from your grandma that you can hang on to a large, empty wall.

Incorporating things into your decor that make you feel cozy can help you feel that way more often.

Stacking books is a colorful, inexpensive, and easy way to bring a personal touch into any space.

If you choose titles that you love, books that are important to you or covers that just look good when stacked, using them as a piece of design is an easy way to give a space more character and charm.


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