Beaver tips on making your #StayHome experience better, healthier and cozier

Beaver tips on making your #StayHome experience cozier

If you have spent more time at home during your quarantine, you are not alone in rethinking the way you decorated your house. When you're in a house with spare space or an apartment that's especially small, all this time inside can cause claustrophobia as well as an itch to redecorate. Now is the perfect time to be making your space more comfortable and cozy.

Choosing a neutral color palette to create a relaxed, quiet, and comfortable feel in the bedroom that distinguishes it from the rest of the house is very important. We recommend adding accessories such as soft, fluffy rugs, beautiful linen pillows, drapey quilts, beautiful wooden candle holders, handcrafted home decor, to make any room feel instantly more comfortable because texture adds character and more dimension.

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Even if you don't have a dedicated office or even a desk, you should take some simple measures to make your home workspace as functional as you could. When determining which area to devote to work, first consider a few factors: It is important to understand what you need to be productive. Ask yourself, how much space do you need, would you like to be close to natural light, is there a nearby outlet and what needs to be within reach?

It is crucial to have a work area that you can easily step away from and at the end of the day. When it comes to productivity, it is also very important to maintain a clean and tidy workspace. Clutter frequently contributes to tension and stress (even if you don't recognize it)- but who needs more pressure and stress right now? Taking a few minutes to put away the papers and throw away the trash from the day before has many advantages, including:

  • Inspired confidence
  • Improved efficiency
  • Better use of time
  • More focus

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In addition, adding plants to your space is a great way to bring some life into your home, and they don't have to take up a lot of room.

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It is normal to feel more stressed than usual. It can be difficult to stay at home and be confined to your space. Starting your day with yoga has many advantages, such as lowering stress, relieving anxiety, promoting a better quality of sleep, and increasing strength. There are multiple online yoga classes you can stream right from your phone.

Social interaction makes our health and wellbeing better. But too much of it, particularly for those of us who are introvert, may also cause anxiety. Keeping your daily interactions to an optimum level is important. During this time many of us are away from family and friends. Even while we have to separate ourselves physically, this does not mean that you can not call your loved ones! Staying connected is particularly important in maintaining your relationships and it also benefits your mental health greatly by getting you out of your headspace.

You can always get the take-out from your favorite restaurants by using a delivery app. Lots of restaurants offer great deals now.

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Finding entertainment during a time like this could be tricky. Your desire to just leave the house becomes stronger and you’ve already scrolled through Instagram 50 times for the past couple hours. But now, you can “walk” through a museum on your computer, like The Met, or even go for a ride at Disney World for free from the comfort of your couch! Various musicians offer free online concerts and jams. Besides, it might be a good time to get into gaming, because a lot of studios released new era video games.

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