About Us

LocalBeavers is a family company specialising in Handmade Wooden Home Decor. Comprising a British husband and Ukrainian wife team with a dream and vision, we make everything with love and care, because we passionately enjoy what we do.

Unlike others, we are second generation woodworkers who love to make and inspire our customers to live better! Our creations are made from solid wood and in most cases can be engraved to suit any occasion or gifting need. Our first home decor product was a spice rack, born of a husband who loves cooking, whose spice collection has grown to encompass most of the kitchen drawers and could never find a spice rack that fitted, that was beautiful, that would hold all of his spices and that he liked. 

I went to the workshop and made one! It was suggested that others may like a similar spice rack  and so our Etsy shop was born. Most of our other products, from command centers to nightlights are commissions from clients, which we’ve liked and put on public sale. Great reviews and feedback allowed us to expand our collection of handmade items and the purchase of a Laser Engraver allowed us to really begin doing things we love. We adore seeing pictures of our spice racks and command centers in your homes and we are blessed to have recieved so many of them!

We hope to continue to grow and support you and our other customers with beautiful and creative solutions to your home design issues! We both hope you’ll love what we’ve made and find a home for yourself within our Beaver Family! We look forward to seeing you in the dam soon! :)

Much love and hugs,

George & Hannah

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